Sripath Asia-Pac exclusively markets Sripath Technologies’ product portfolio in Australia and New Zealand.  Since 2006, Sripath® is a renowned supplier of innovative additives for paving and roofing application within the global bitumen industry.  Sripath products are tested, proven, trusted, and used world-wide by bitumen refiners, terminal operators, contractors, and formulators.  Learn more about each product at by clicking one of the buttons below.


A natural green bio-based elixir of oils that rejuvenates restores functional performance of aged bitumen in high RAP mixes, delivers great performance, and lowers cost of Mix.


A polymer additive used to boost high temperature performance grade and softening point, improves rutting resistance, lowers viscosity, and improves workability.  It is highly effective at low dosages and is can be incorporated at low shear.


A natural green bio-oil used to improve polymer compatibility, improve low-temperature performance, and reduces viscosity.


A petrochemical oil used to improve low-temperature performance, decrease viscosity, and improve polymer compatibility.


Polymer additive to improve the high temperature grade, reduce viscosity, and allow higher concentrate production. It is easy to incorporate a low shear.


An highly efficient amine-free anti-stripping agent used to enhance moisture and fuel resistance of roadway. It is exceptionally dosage efficient and improves tensile strength ration.