Sripath demonstrates its unwavering dedication to sustainability by developing innovative, environmentally friendly additives that enhance performance of bitumen and asphalt mixes, are cost effective, and help customers achieve their net-zero carbon goals.

Sripath has embraced transparency, making its Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Sustainability Reports easily accessible on its website ( “We are proud to take a leading position in making our Sustainability Reports easily available to our customers,” said Dr. Krishna Srinivasan, President of Sripath.

“We collaborate with top researchers from around the world, investing in R&D to design and develop innovative sustainable products that help reduce the global carbon footprint”, stated Ranjeet Sandhu, General Manager, UK & Europe.

ReLIXER, our bio-based rejuvenator, is extracted from cultivated crops. It captures carbon dioxide from air and converted into food and nutrients via photosynthesis. Captured carbon units are retained within the oil and are sequestered within the roadway pavement. Sripath includes a comprehensive carbon sequestration analysis in its ReLIXER Sustainability Report, reporting a total cradle to gate GWP value of -1.677 kg CO2 equivalent per kg ReLIXER.

“ReLIXER helps restore the properties of aged RAP, reduces need for virgin bitumen, allows the use of high levels of RAP, delivers roadways with desired performance and durability, and reduces overall mix costs”, stated Sachin Raje, General Manager, India.

PGXpand®, a bitumen-friendly polymeric-additive, helps boost high temperature performance while maintaining low temperature properties. It is highly dosage efficient, helps minimize SBS content, improves viscosity, and delivers roadways with excellent rutting resistance. PGXpand helps lower energy consumption, reduces production and transportation costs, and improves workability.

KoolTEQ™, an environmentally friendly warm mix additive, is designed to reduce production and paving temperatures of asphalt mixes. It lowers the carbon footprint, reduces energy consumption, and delivers overall cost savings.

“Sripath leads the charge on sustainability. We promote transparency by allowing our customers to easily download our EPDs and Sustainability Reports, helping our customers meet their own sustainability goals and targets,” remarked Ravi Rajagopalan, General Manager, Asia-Pac Region.

For a copy of our EPDs and Sustainability Reports, visit the Sripath Website today.