The November 2022 issue of the Roads & Infrastructure Magazine Australia featured an article titled “Bitumen’s Best Friend”.  The article focuses on PGXpand®, a Bitumen-Friendly Polymer developed by Sripath Technologies®, which is used to improve the overall performance of roadways, while providing substantial environmental benefits.

Unlike most traditional polymers, PGXpand is an extremely bitumen-friendly polymer.  It is a novel, medium molecular weight polymer, specifically engineered with a tailored architecture and chemistry.  It interacts with the binder in a unique fashion, imparting key performance benefits to PMB Mixes, while mitigating processing difficulties and shortcomings typically associated with traditional polymers.

PGXpand is uniquely engineered and designed to enhance the high temperature properties of bitumen without impacting low temperature properties. PGXpand helps deliver roadways with outstanding rutting resistance, fatigue properties and durability. PGXpand lowers viscosity of bitumen, improves the workability, and makes it easier to pave and compact.

PGXpand is highly dosage efficient, storage stable and easily incorporates into bitumen using low shear mixers, lower mixing temperatures, and shorter mixing time. It results in less greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions. PGXpand helps lower energy consumption, reduces production costs, and improves workability.

PGXpand has been tested, evaluated, and vetted by leading experts in academia, industry and transportation agencies from around the world. It has been trusted and effectively used on roadways across the globe since 2015.  Key applications of PGXpand include: PGXpand Modified Bitumen for Hot Mixes, Hybrid PMB Systems, High Stiffness Asphalt Mixes, Hot Spray Seal, and Road Repair & Maintenance.

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